Zoo Lake Users 

Jozi's people's park

picnic in the park

There are lots of options for picnicking. The park has many different open grass and shaded areas where you can gather with friends and family for a great day out. Please make sure that you respect the space as well as the rights of everyone to enjoy this special park.

Children's play area

Zoo Lake has an amazing play area for small children with areas that are designed to entertain all ages up to around eight years. The play area is close to the Moyo parking area and the lake making it was to transition between areas. Please remember that you are in a public space to so always keep an eye on small your children.

Lions Rowing boats

On any given day you will find families enjoying a fun filled row on the lake, getting splashed by the fountain and and going around in circles as they learn the art of rowing backwards. The rowing boats are run by the Lions Club. The boat house and ticket booth are located opposite the entrance to Moyo on the eastern shore of the lake. Boats are not available for hire on a Monday but can be rented out on public holidays.  Renting times are 09:30 t0 17:00 (1 September to 30 April) and from 9:30 to 16:30 in winter.  Costs are R7.50 per adult and R5 per child with a minimum charge of R10 per boat.

Walking around the lake

The walking path around the lake is a pleasant 1.2km long and is a popular place for walking, jogging and for feeding the geese. Seating benches along the path offer peaceful perspectives. You can also take various other walks through the park. The grounds are large, in fact so large that to stroll around the park can take between 60 minutes and two hours, depending on the route chosen.