Zoo Lake Users 

Jozi's people's park

Everyone volunteers and we are always looking for more enthusiastic members. Our current portfolio leaders are as follows:

  • Communications - Elsabe Burnett supported by five volunteers 
  • Environment - Anthony Philbrick supported by five volunteers
  • Events - Fran Haslam supported by four volunteers
  • Finance - Fran Haslam supported by four volunteers
  • Legal - Juanita Moolman supported by two volunteers
  • Leases, users and plans - Nick Icely supported by four volunteers
  • Security  - Claude Ghoos supported by eleven volunteers
  • Advisory / Fund Raising / Ad-hoc projects - Fran Haslam supported by ten volunteers

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Chairperson - Zoo Lake Users Committee
082 887 1469
011 646 6245

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The main object of the Zoo Lake Users Committee (ZLUC) is to assist and support Zoo Lake Park in every way relevant and contribute to the growth and development of the park with respect to its core business of recreation, tourism, conservation and education.

ZLUC wants to see Zoo Lake Park as a CLEAN, GREEN and SAFE environment.

ZLUC will render assistance and ongoing advice to the Johannesburg Council and Johannesburg City Parks. They will assist with the promotion of social culture and communal activities, promotion and appreciation regarding the open spaces system. They will assist in the raising of funds for the park and to co-ordinate the activities of various outside bodies using the facilities and the park.

A large park like Zoo Lake, with a lot of old infrastructure and high usage has ongoing issues. Our committee is focusing on the following solutions:

  1. Removal of all vagrants from sleeping in the park.  Clarity on the Gauteng Municipal By-Laws.
  2. Awareness programme to educate all users, law enforcement officers with regard to the By-Laws and daily policing of these by-laws.  New signage needs to be erected at the park for all users to observe and abide by.
  3. An initial cleaning blitz of the park and then daily monitoring to ensure that the clean status is maintained.
  4. Regular tree maintenance and protection of the trees from abuse and destruction.
  5. An initial Repair and upgrade blitz to upgrade the present infrastructure
  6. Budget and financial resources to implement the Master Plan.
  7. Park Wardens to be employed to monitor the park during peak times and on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the users.
  8. Toilet facilities to be repaired and to remain open until the park closes at 18h00.
  9. A formal protocol to be put in place with regard to Events and functions for larger groups and to include the daily school outings.
  10. In general a suggestion is that a new protocol needs to be put in place to ensure that all the above challenges are attended to and that the daily control of the park is maintained and observed by the users and the law enforcement officers.
  11. A monthly meeting should be held with the Zoo Lake Users committee, the Ward Councilor and the heads of the relevant stakeholders to ensure that the above is monitored.
  12. Quarterly site meetings should be held to ensure that the park is maintained and functioning according to the Mission and Vision of the Committee and the relevant stakeholders.

Challenges and plans for 2015

The team

Our motto – A clean, green and safe park